Wallis Ferne

Wallis Ferne is an up and coming twenty-two year old singer-songwriter from Berkshire. A Classically trained singer, Wallis writes and performs creative and original alternative/folky/country/pop songs filled with depth and emotion. Influenced by the strong lyrics of Beth Nielsen Chapman. Sara Bareilles and Nerina Pallot Wallishas developed her own unique style of writing. Whilst still new to the music industry and having secured a first BA (Hons) in Professional Music Performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford in November 2017, todate Wallis has released three singles and is currently working on her debut EP.


Wallis says“trying to fit in/succeed in the music industry is pretty tough, especially if you have the added complication of autism (Asperger syndrome). Although I often struggle with confidence and communication I like to think that I'm pretty friendly and easy going. I am currently working hard on my songs and will be releasing more over the coming months. Please have a listen to my songs and let me know what you think. Share and download if you like them. Wallis xx”